Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 13

I rarely feel this tired.
I float,
Lift, sink,
Bobble like a balloon with the wind.
Caffeine is my friend,
And a reminder that I need more sleep.
I need to fill my sails
with more than duty and caffeine.
I need more self-love.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 12

Sun-glistened cherry blossoms giggle secret newborn flower language.
Passerbys gaze and sigh at Spring's reward for Winter's harshness.
Postpartum elation:
Only the beauty and gift of life matter.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 11


Turn away from judgment day,
Smile at folks who fear then pay,
Find your peace in mirth-y song,
Laugh and dance the whole night long,
Raise your cup and drink with me,
Life is meant to be happy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 10

"Burma-Shave" style

Breathing deeper
Thinking lesser
Leads to me-er
Then to us-er.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 5

One Flower
by Jack Kerouc

One flower
   on the cliffside
Nodding at the canyon

iric flower
patches, no less on-
tic than the
granite cliffside,
funneling swirled breezes toward nodding
blossoms, plump with fragrances at-
hirst for winged rendezvous, the

symbiosis transcends their universe, the canyon

Day 9

These song titles (boldfaced) played in my iTunes' library shuffled and in the exact order that they appear below: "Holes..." first, then "If I Talk..."

The Right Partner

Tripping through
Holes to Heaven,
Finally not alone?
If I Talk to God,
Will she banish
Forever gone?
Seeing the
Locomotive Breath
Gush from ancient nares,
She smiles,
Takes my trembling hand
To dance.
Kozo's Waltz blares.
Kicking the macabre,
Shaking the sadness,
Gliding the forlorn away.
She envelops my entirety,
Quivering leafily,
All that has happened to me,
We are sisters and
Brothers in Arms,
And a day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Days 4, 7 and 8

original poem, by Lucille Clifton

it was a dream

in which my greater self
rose up before me
accusing me of my life
with her extra finger
whirling in a gyre of rage
at what my days had come to.
i pleaded with her, could i do,
oh what could i have done?
and she twisted her wild hair
and sparked her wild eyes
and screamed as long as
i could hear her
This.  This.  This.

my poem, based on Lucille Clifton's:

it was a laugh

with which my better self
echoed rich jelly
rolls, bellyfulls, nonsenseness
with its droplets' rippling,
grounding nature, misbehaving
at how my stern ways waste life.
i begged of him, could i stop
so much dourness? "Enough!"
as he curled his lip corners
and glinted his bright eyes
and guffawed as loud
as i could hear


Day 7

This one's hard because I'm this ridiculously hopeless romantic who also suffers from the delusion that everything is somehow alive. *face slap*
My first choices were, in brainstorming order:
- my mauled, childhood stuffed tiger (buried in a South Carolina yard)
- food (in order of life-preserving priority: chocolate, pizza, etc.)
- a beautiful, leaf-full, swaying tree (wait, that's alive)
- music,...

That's when my heart kicked in and my toes started wigglin'.  Spent over an hour ignoring work calls and texts and couldn't get the music-love poem very far.  Each time, I began dancing around and imagining I was waltzing or boogieing with instruments. Anyway, my final, pitiful attempt:

Jumbled with friends,
So giddy, joyful.
Dancing and jostling
With gravity's pull.

Beauty supreme,
Your every curve makes
Lovers' heads swoon,
Their hearts swell and ache.

Colors alive,
Golden brown and beige.
Comme Beurre d'Echire.

I must warn you
Our dance will endure,
As do the wind's breeze,
Fleeting, not much more.

Luscious, you are
With sugary taste.
Jewel crumbs abound,
My hunger, you sate.

You're gone! I weep.
My love has been snatched
Alas! Oh, why? Wait!
There're more in the bag!


Chocolate chip cookies rule!

Day 4

Grateful, faith-full, flowing.

Outstretched arms, multiverse-ward self, basking.

Breathing, connecting, Love.